UUA.org Homepage Video
What is Unitarian Universalism? For a religion that has often prided itself on its complexities and nuance spanning half a millennium of history and theological thought, such a simple question has never seemed to have a satisfactory answer. Intended to be a go-to way to present the central tenants and beliefs of the faith in an easily digestible format, this video was designed to be featured centrally on the Unitarian Universalist Association’s homepage and to answer that most basic of questions in an educational and entertaining way.

The piece features the central motif of a series of colored lines as they extend from one scene to another. Reinforcing the idea of “interconnectedness” that is central to the faith, they frequently spiral skyward for an effect that not only adds visual interest but speaks to the idea of Unitarian Universalism as a dynamic and aspirational religion. Simplified iconography and lots of white space speaks to a modern and open faith while a lack of on-screen text allows for easy adaptation into different languages for a religion that spans worldwide. Bright colors and and upbeat music give the video a positive tone while the constant motion of the building lines helps to keep the excitement in a video that covers a lot of ground.

Serving as an approachable introduction for those curious about the religion as well as a refreshing affirmation for current members, the piece launched to great excitement and acclaim. It was embedded on local congregational websites worldwide, garnered thousands of shares and received hundreds of thousands of views.